My Ideal Working Day


I love reading about the schedules and routines of historical figures, as well as current high achievers.  I’ve take the time over the last few years to try and develop my own ideal daily schedule, and even though I don’t always get it totally right, having this to refer to keeps me on track and gives me a target to shoot for. So, here it is:

7:00 am – wake up
7:15 am – meditate
7:30 am – go running
8:00 am – breakfast, smoothie and coffee, read emails, news
8:30 am – journal, reflect on day to come, shower, get dressed
9:00 am – work on design (from home), listen to music, get in flow state
10:30 am – break, snack (yogurt and raspberries)
10:45 am – resume work
12:15 pm – reflect on next days design work, record next steps
12:30 pm – lunch, garden salad with grilled chicken and oil and vinegar dressing
1:00 pm – meetings, telecons, planning
3:00 pm – reflect on next steps, actions
3:15 pm – meditate
3:30 pm – work on hobby (woodworking in home shop)
5:00 pm – read, relax
7:00 pm – dinner with wife, friends
9:00 pm – watch tv series
10:00 pm – end of day reflection, read
11:00 pm – sleep

Hope you enjoy!

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