How to Get Promoted

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Here are a few tips for getting that new position you want:

  1. Competency – This should go without saying, but competency is the first hurdle to get past.  You need to be able to do both your job AND the job you want effectively.  BUT, this is not nearly enough to get you where you want to be.  There are a ton of competent people, and most will never progress up through the organization.
  2. Network – You’ll need to get to know the important people in your department who will be able to vouch for you, and the important people in the departments with whom you interact, because they will start asking your bosses for your help, which demonstrates that you’re ready for promotion.  You’ll also need to network with your colleagues because you’ll need their help once you’re in your new position, and they’ll only feel used if you ignore them until you ask them for a favor.
  3. Be helpful – Everyone knows they need to be their bosses problem solver, but you also need to be your bosses bosses problem solver.  You’ll get the reputation as someone who can get things done, and who is ready to help the organization in more significant ways.
  4. The social is more important than the technical – This adds onto competency.  Most people you work with will be technically capable.  Where you need to stand out is socially.  Volunteer for charity events, be the one who sets up for and organizes meetings, use lunches and breaks to meet with different people, be nice to everyone.  Do whatever you can to get the reputation as someone that everyone gets along with.

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